Message from Minister Matthews


In 2003, the McGuinty government launched a comprehensive transformation of Ontario’s health care system. We wanted a system that was more patient-focused, results-driven, integrated and sustainable for future generations.

And so far, our progress has been terrific:

  • We’ve taken steps to increase the number of frontline health care professionals
  • We’ve reduced wait times for key medical procedures
  • We continue to support family health teams, nurse practitioner-led clinics and other models of family health care.

A pivotal innovation has been our Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs). The 14 LHINs are a crucial part of our government’s plan to transform the health system. They represent an understanding that care that reflects the distinct needs of a specific community is best planned, coordinated and funded within that community. Thanks to the LHINs’ efforts, patients receive quality health care and improved access and availability of services closer to home.

In collaboration with our LHINs and our other partners in health care, we will continue to build on the success of our strategies and even further reduce the wait times for care, especially in our ERs. We will also work on getting access to family health care for another 200,000 Ontarians.

Because we govern based on the principle that “if you track it, you can improve it”, we will continue to show meaningful progress in the months and years ahead. We will be expanding the public reporting of wait times even further, to cover all surgeries in Ontario. It’s very important to Ontarians that we are transparent and accountable.

My personal priorities will be to get eHealth back on track, to manage with confidence through these challenging economic times and to make sure that the health care system will be there for future generations.

I invite you to learn more about these and other health-system improvements and how they affect you and your community by taking a look at your specific LHIN’s website.

Deb Matthews
Minister of Health and Long-Term Care