Provincial FLS Coordinator Network

The FLS landscape has changed significantly in the past few years. Some of the key elements include the creation of six French Language Health Planning Entities, the reorganization of the Office of French Language Services at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in consideration of the stewardship environment under which both the Ministry and the LHINs operate and the establishment of FLS Coordinators in all 14 LHINs.

In order to ensure a consistent provincial approach to the strategic development and implementation of FLS internally within the LHINs and externally within the healthcare system, there is a need for activities to be coordinated amongst the LHINs. It is understood that although many activities will have common elements across all LHINs, there will be other activities of a more local nature for which each LHIN will be responsible.

The need to work together towards a coherent provincial approach in the area of FLS is in alignment with the overarching goals of creating a culture of collaboration, improved use of human resources and insuring better consistency.

Mandate and Objectives

The Network will work collaboratively to develop and implement consistent provincial approaches to strategic French language services priorities, always applying best practices.

The Network will also act as a liaison on matters impacting the development and implementation of FLS across the province.

The role of the Network does not supersede the responsibility of individual LHIN FLS Coordinators regarding the development and implementation of FLS at the local level.