Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program

Created in response to an overwhelming number of requests for Ontario-specific Indigenous / Aboriginal cultural competency training, this online program helps address the need to increase cultural competency within the Ontario health system.

The Ontario Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (ICS) Program is a provincial program offered Ontario-wide, and administered by Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre.

Anti-Indigenous racial discrimination and bias have profound negative impacts on the health and wellness of Indigenous communities in Ontario. The Ontario ICS Program is focused on supporting Indigenous health transformation, as part of the overall health and social service systems transformation underway in Ontario. The goal is to improve Indigenous healthcare experiences and outcomes by increasing respect and understanding of the unique history and current realities of Indigenous populations.

The Program facilitates and promotes transformative decolonizing, Indigenous specific anti-racist education using evidence informed and coordinated approaches and strategies. It also work in collaborative partnerships and support organizational change initiatives, seeking to improve awareness about how colonialism is embedded in services, and motivating people with influence to address anti-Indigenous racial discrimination.

For more information on the ICS Program, or to register, please visit the Ontario ICS Program website.