Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) Online Training – Ontario

Created in response to the overwhelming requests for Ontario specific Indigenous/ Aboriginal Cultural Competency training, this e-training addresses the need to increase cultural competency within the Ontario Health System. The South West LHIN contributes to advancing Aboriginal Cultural Competency across the healthcare system, through a training strategy led by the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC), in partnership with the British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority, and supported by the MOHLTC, to deliver ICC in South Western Ontario in order to meet the following objectives:

  • To support the adaptation and delivery of a meaningful and specific Aboriginal cultural competency On-line, Instructor-facilitated training for health service providers
  • To foster understanding and connection between the historical and current government practices and policies towards Aboriginal peoples and the related impacts on their social determinants of health, access to health services and intergenerational health outcomes
  • To build capacity within the healthcare system that will contribute to better relationships with Aboriginal clients, patients, caregivers and families
Learning Outcomes:
Upon course completion participants will be able to: 
  • Describe the diversity of Indigenous peoples within Ontario. Describe the colonial policies specific to residential schools and Indian hospitals 
  • Describe the impact of colonization on current Indigenous health care issues 
  • Discuss the existing health disparities of Indigenous people 
  • Discuss the significance of health disparities to health care providers 
  • Define culture, race, and social identity 
  • Define the role of self-awareness in cultural competency 
  • Understand the ways in which assumptions, and stereotypes can affect levels of care within a healthcare setting 
  • Develop strategies to build collaborative relationships with Indigenous patients/clients 
  • Appreciate the potential value of traditional healing and traditional medicine
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